Invitation from the General Chairman 

Dear colleagues, ladies and gentlemen,

Following such successful and fruitful First Eurasian Conference (RISK-2019) on risk minimization held in Baku (22 – 24 May, 2019, Azerbaijan), the coming one, together with the Satellite Symposium and Young Scientists Spring School, jointly organized by AMIR Technical Services Company, Georgian Technical University, Institute of Geography of Kazakhstan and Russian Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics, will continue to contribute significantly to the knowledge and application of risk minimization technologies with a wide range of contents and international scope. The RISK-2020 Conference and Symposium will serve as a perfect venue for practitioners, engineers, researchers, scientists, managers and decision makers from all over the world to exchange ideas and technology about the latest innovation developments dealing with risk minimization.

We thank all participants and quests of the First Eurasian Conference “Innovations in minimization of natural and technological risks” (RISK-2019, 22 -24 May, 2019, Baku, Azerbaijan) for support and understanding. At the Conference "RISK-2019" reports were heard more than 150 representatives from 26 countries.

The conference participants unanimously noted the importance and relevance of the initiative of the organizers in setting new tasks in the development of risk-oriented approaches in science, economics, ecology, construction, industry, education. These tasks will also be the subject of the Second Eurasian Conference "RISK-2020", as a continuation of systematic international cooperation in the field of complex problems of analysis, prevention and elimination of natural and man-made emergencies on the Eurasian continent.

The reports and discussions of the Conference delegates noted:
The importance of combining deep fundamental scientific research on safety theory and risks with their applied and practical orientation for real risk reduction to the level acceptable in industry, energy, transport, construction, agriculture;

The relevance of the development of offshore oil and gas fields, especially the Arctic - is a fundamentally new strategic area of activity; in this area, it is necessary to create and use unique technologies and objects that, undoubtedly, belong to critically and strategically important objects by risk categories;

The need for organizations providing services in the field of industrial safety in the design, manufacture, construction and operation of offshore oil and gas facilities to submit proposals for:
- exclusion and minimization of existing safety regulatory requirements;
- the use of new technologies and equipment, remote control and unmanned technologies to ensure the integrated safety of offshore oil and gas facilities;

Consideration and maintenance of the thesis stated at the Conference:
- on separate regulation of offshore oil and gas activities;
- on the appointment of a one body to oversee the integrated safety of offshore oil and gas facilities;
- on the creation of a special state examination of offshore oil and gas projects.

Organizers of the RISK-2020 Conference invites researchers, academics, practitioners and from the Eurasian region and beyond to discuss common points of interest. Members of the appropriate International organizations and other are most welcome to participate.

We believe “EURASIAN RISK 2020” Conference and Satellite Symposium jointly organized by AMIR Technical Services LLC, Georgian Technical University, Institute of Geography (Kazakhstan) and Russian Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics will contribute to development of innovative solutions to important problems within analysis, assessment and minimization of natural and technological risks.

The cultural program of the Conference RISK-2020 coincides with the events of the religious holiday Easter, which is widely and varied in Georgia. The conference organizers will do everything to create a complete picture of the science, culture and religious rites of the fraternal Georgian people.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Tbilisi / Georgia in 12-19 April, 2020

On behalf of Organizing Committee,

Director of AMİR Technical Services LLC
General Chair of the Organizing Committee



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The Second Eurasian RISK-2020 Conference will be held on Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi, Georgia


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