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Dear young scientists,

It is our sincere pleasure to welcome you to Young Scientists Spring School “Risk and Safety” from April 13-16, 2020 at Georgian Technical University, in the vibrant international city of Tbilisi, Georgia.

 Based on the exchange of views of participants of the First Eurasian Conference “RISK-2019” (22 – 24 May, 2019, Azerbaijan), were unanimously adopted decision to organise Young Scientists Spring School under the umbrella of RISK-2020 Conference.

 According to the organizers, the participation of numerous well-known scientists and specialists in the RISK-2020 conference on minimizing risks will allow young scientists to gain first-hand knowledge and skills on risk and safety issues.

We invite leading experts in the field of risk and safety to share their knowledge and give participating students the opportunity to spend time with them during the social events.

 The RISK-2020 Spring School is limited to 60 participants, to ensure learning effectiveness. Candidates can enroll at the above “Registration” link, and will be asked to complete a short application form.

 All of the students at various levels: bachelor’s, master’s, PhD, as well as recent PhD graduates – otherwise called early career researchers will to capitalise on the great opportunity to participate in training programmes. Seminars and classes will be held in the spacious Conference Hall of the Georgian Technical University. The Vugar Aliyev - led team of AMIR Technical Services LLC will work cohesively with CAUCASIAN HERITAGE Research Institute of GEORGIA to ensure that everyone received the full gamut of Georgian hospitality in addition to great science.

 Everything you need to know about the RISK-2020 Young Scientists Spring School is outlined below. Please read carefully so you are well prepared for your exciting four  days of Spring School and co-branded events! 

 During the 13-16 April, every day there will be three 60-minute lectures,

10:00-11:00, 11:30-12:30, and 13:00-14:00. The course will be taught in English.

At the end of the Young Scientists Spring School, students take final exams, where they answer 200 questions in 3 hours. If the exam is successfully passed, the participants will receive İSO 31000 Professional Risk Manager Certificates (C31000). The certificate is awarded on behalf of the International Accreditation Board for Risk Management, Global Institute for Risk Management Standards, Geneva, Switzerland.

Please see The Spring School Sample Certificate. 

Those students who did not pass the exams receive a Certificate of Attendance of the Spring School, with the signature and seal of the organizers.

 Between lectures, coffee breaks will be organized. According to the organizers, such a schedule will allow students to actively participate in co-branded cultural events.

 RISK-2020 Young Scientists Spring School participants will discuss recent scientific advances with our invited guest speakers and will have time to advance collaboration across projects. The program will include talks and lectures, exercises, a poster session and social activity.

 To get things started, a special program will organize by the student board members for those who will arrive a day early in Tbilisi. Limited numbers of registered students, mainly early career researchers who wish can participate in the opening ceremony of the conference in the Great Assembly Hall of the Georgian Technical University, as well as coffee breaks and lunch. Others may have a great time in medieval Narikala Fortress, the historical part of Tbilisi, and will be able to treat themselves to Narikalas’ delights, socialize and get an impression of what to expect in the following days from the student board members. Afterwards they will free to roam around and have some personal time in Tbilisi.

 Tuition Fee for Spring School students:  250 EUR .

The registration fee includes RISK-2020 Conference and Spring School materials, conference accessories, Certificate of Attendance, as well as coffee and lunch breaks; it does not include dinners, accommodation or any other services. We are not in the position to offer any scholarship.  Find a list of recommended hotels within walking distance from the Conference location in VENUE:  https://eurasianrisk2020.ge/en/content/24/venue.

 Online application and payment are due by January 31, 2020. It is advisable that, conditional to the offer of place, payment is made at the earliest to secure your place on the program. Enrollment will be secured only after receipt of the payment notification. Payment shall be done by bank transfer. Details will be provided in the notification of acceptance, conditional to the offer of place. All bank charges are for the registrant’s account.

 Updates regarding the RISK-2020 Spring School will be announced here regularly. Please make sure you check the website again before you start you travel.

 We invite application from young scientists, who would like to participate in the Spring School.

  The Second Eurasian Conference RISK-2020, Symposium and Spring School will serve as a platform to engage in motivating discussions, data exchange, and perceiving modern, innovative ideas in the field of risk minimization. All events offer open atmosphere, allowing participants to focus on academic exchange of ideas and providing strong opportunity for building up a network of professional relationships.

 We hope that you will enjoy Georgian meeting and that your interaction with colleagues from several countries will stimulate a creative discussions and will be personally rewarding. We also trust that our international guests will enjoy the visit to the beautiful and exciting Tbilisi, in April 2020.

  All participants of the RİSK-2020 Spring School will receive free access to the Russian Forum:  http://russia.riskawarenessweek.com


JOINT STAFF of Organizing Committee

The 2nd Eurasian Conference RISK-2020


The Second Eurasian RISK-2020 Conference will be held on Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi, Georgia


For all kind of questions, please don’t hesitate to contact with us.

The conference secretary will contact with you.

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